Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A = B

The B team is still looking for its first win, despite some creditable results this season. This week was a milestone, however, as they achieved their first draw - though there were mixed feelings as the team to concede it were Aberystwyth A. On Board 1 for the B team, I tried a Tarrasch Defence for the first time against Rudy van Kemenade, and was too diffident in my approach. Later analysis showed I could have reached a good middlegame position, but a wrong decision left me hopelessly hemmed in, with mate to follow shortly. B team captain Ian Finlay, just back from the dentist and not feeling his best, lost a piece to a neat tactic by David Ferguson, but continued to press until, with options running out, he dropped a rook and resigned immediately. The A team's Julie van Kemenade gambited a pawn against John Basterfield's French Defence, but was on unfamiliar ground when he not only declined but gave up a pawn of his own. He obtained persistent pressure for it and soon scored an excellent win against a much higher-rated opponent. In the absence of the club's highest-rated player, Mark Talbot, Georgina Gray substituted on Board 4 for the A team. Tony Geraghty trapped her knight but had to negotiate some nasty complications before Georgina left a mate threat undefended. A good result for the B team who feel a little bit closer to that first win.

Rudy van Kemenade - Matthew Francis 1-0

Ian Finlay - David Ferguson 0-1

Julie van Kemenade - John Basterfield 0-1

Tony Geraghty - Georgina Gray 1-0

Thursday, 25 November 2010


The A team turned up hoping to avenge the recent defeat of the B team by Haverfordwest. The earliest game finished in less than an hour when home preparation paid off for a win by Rudy against Colin Denham(one of the league’s most successful players this season). Georgina followed with a strategic plan (albeit with a few tactical hiccups) against her higher rated opponent. John Basterfield ensured victory with a neat K and g pawn win after several diversions(revenge for his loss when playing for the B team against the same opponent). And, to make it 4-0 finally, Dave Ferguson made sure his devious opponent got no real counterchances, forcing Jan Sendall into a position where he tried to resign but was unable to do so before his flag fell.
So it was 4-0 in the end, avenging the B team.

(Report by Rudy)

Colin Denham - Rudy van Kemenade 0-1

David Ferguson - Jan Sendall 1-0

John Florence - John Basterfield 0-1

Georgina Gray - Robbie Coles 1-0

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What Might Have Been

Following our catastrophic defeat to Haverfordwest, the B team were in action again on Monday against a strong Carmarthen team. On top board, playing a closed line against Gerry Heap's Sicilian, I found myself, rather to my surprise, a piece up with a winning attack. When he sacrificed a rook as a last resort, I let myself be intimidated by his higher grading and the fact that I had only four minutes left on my clock into allowing the perpetual. John Basterfield rashly castled queenside in the French against the aggressive Huw Morcom and was quickly overwhelmed by the ensuing attack. Tony Geraghty was also facing a much higher-graded opponent on Board 3, and played an enterprising piece sacrifice leading to a complex struggle. David Buttell eventually gave back the material, and was winning the ending when Tony lost on time. On the bottom board, Georgina Gray outplayed Clive Boaler positionally from the opening, and was able to force a pawn through to queen for an impressive win. As Rudy pointed out afterwards, if Tony and I had both taken our chances, it would have been a 3-1 win to the B team against opponents ranked several hundred points per board higher. As it was we kept up Aber's proud tradition of 2½–1½, but from the wrong end.

Matthew Francis - Gerry Heap ½-½

Huw Morcom - John Basterfield 1-0

Tony Geraghty - David Buttell 0-1

Clive Boaler - Georgina Gray 0-1

Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Famous Victory

Facing the strongest team in the Dyfed League, Cardigan A, and heavily outgraded on the top three boards, the A team tried to emulate the B team’s recent 1.5 performance. Chances looked good when Mark Talbot scored an early draw against Howard Williams, as a series of piece swaps led to an opposite colour bishop ending. Dave Ferguson was always on top against Tony Haigh and netted an exchange which eventually won comfortably. Julie van Kemenade faced early central pressure against Caerwyn Owen, but held her forces in readiness for the queenside break that led to the destruction of the White centre. And so the match was won. The final seal was put in place when Rudy van Kemenade made life as difficult as possible for his opponent in a losing position (after various ups and downs) and finally won when Iolo Jones miscalculated the complexities in severe time time trouble. So it's the first defeat for Cardigan A in several years (since the disbandment of the erstwhile powerful Carmarthen team) 3½–½.

(Report by Rudy)

Mark Talbot - Howard Williams ½-½

Iolo Jones - Rudy van Kemenade 0-1

David Ferguson - Tony Haigh 1-0

Caerwyn Owen - Julie van Kemenade 0-1

Monday, 8 November 2010

Bs Crushed

The B team's good start came to an abrupt end on Monday 1 November when they were crushed 4-0 by Haverfordwest. The trouble began when the team failed to meet up in the carpark at Aber because of a confusion caused by the clocks having changed over the weekend(!) After that it just got worse. Board 1 Julie van Kemenade was the first to resign when a tactical oversight cost her a piece against the league's most improved player, Colin Denham. On Board 2 against Jan Sendall, an opponent I have always found tricky, I dropped a pawn and had to defend against a strong attack. When the smoke cleared I was still a pawn down and resigned before the flag could fall. John Basterfield lost his queen for a rook in John Florence's spirited kingside attack. Finally new team member Cai Lewis was two pieces up at one stage against Robbie Coles but underestimated the power of a remote passed pawn and had to give up too much material to stop it.

Meanwhile the club was well represented the previous weekend at the Dyfed Closed Championship, with seven of our members taking part. Rudy van Kemenade retained the title he won last year, with the same perfect score of 5/5. Julie van Kemenade finished third, behind Carmarthen's Keith Downey, on 3.5. I scored 3, Ian Finlay 2, John Basterfield withdrew due to illness on 1.5/3, Tony Geraghty scored 1, and Cai Lewis, playing his first ever tournament, finished with 0.5. All the games can be found on Paul Orton's Dyfed Chess Association site.

Julie van Kemenade - Colin Denham 0-1

Jan Sendall - Matthew Francis 1-0

John Basterfield - John Florence 0-1

Robbie Coles - Cai Lewis 1-0

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Bs Continue Their Good Start

If a pattern can be said to be emerging so early in the season, it seems to be the B teams putting up strong performances against the As. Following creditable scores by Cardigan B against Aberystwyth A and Aber B against Cardigan A, there was another close match this week between the two Aber teams in the home surroundings of the St David's Club. The biggest upset was on Board 1 where I had White for the B team against Mark Talbot. In a sharp line of the Petroff with the players castled on opposite sides, my attack got through first. The Bs did less well on the middle two boards: Ian found himself under a lot of pressure against Rudy, who won a piece in complications (Ian might have found a better defence but was losing anyway), while John lost an exchange early on to David Ferguson and never recovered. The B team's second good result was on Board 4, where Tony lost a piece against Julie but had good compensation and secured a draw. So the match finished with our usual score of 2.5 - 1.5. On this club night, two other players, Georgina Gray and Cai Lewis, were also present and played a rated friendly (Cai's first ever rated game), which Georgina won.

Matthew Francis - Mark Talbot 1-0

Rudy van Kemenade - Ian Finlay 1-0

John Basterfield - David Ferguson 0-1

Julie van Kemenade - Tony Geraghty 0-5-0.5

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Revenge (Almost)

After last week's draw between Aberystwyth A and Cardigan B, this week's match was a mirror image, with our B team "at home" (actually the Emlyn Cafe, Tanygroes) to champions Cardigan A. Four of the players, however,(the bottom two boards for Cardigan and the top two for Aber) were veterans of the earlier match. On top board, Howard Williams gradually outplayed Julie van Kemenade in a King's Indian, winning two pawns and then grabbing a piece with a knight fork as Julie tried to win a pawn back. I lost the exchange early in the game against Iolo Jones, but seemed for a while to have compensation until Iolo's accurate defence ensured a won ending. On board 3, Ian Finlay also lost the exchange but did better with his attack, as Caerwyn Owen went wrong and allowed mate. Finally, John Basterfield on bottom board did well to hold Seamus Cunnane to a draw in a blocked position arising from a Ruy Lopez. A good performance by our team, almost equalling Cardigan B's achievement of last week; although heavily outgraded on every board, we lost the match by the narrow margin of 2.5 - 1.5, which, as you may remember from last season, is a score we specialize in.

Howard Williams - Julie van Kemenade 1-0

Matthew Francis - Iolo Jones 0-1

Caerwyn Owen - Ian Finlay 0-1

John Basterfield - Seamus Cunnane 0-5-0.5

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

First Match of the Season

The season got off to a rocky start in our first match at the Emlyn Cafe, Tanygroes on Monday 11th November when the A team only managed a draw against Cardigan B.

Rudy van Kemenade finally managed to win a crucial pawn and the game against the tenacious defence of Caerwyn Owen, while David Ferguson, playing board two, got a position with a weak pawn, then unfortunately gave away a piece to bring about defeat just as his position looked safe.

On board three, Julie van Kemenade won a pawn but then failed to see the most active way forward and settled for a draw.

Matthew Francis on board four tried hard to get play with a Budapest Gambit against a dogged opponent who swapped off all the main attacking pieces. When Matthew tried a pawn sacrifice as a final attempt, Roger Phillips found a very neat move that won the exchange. However all this had taken time, and Roger was forced to take a draw because of his severe time pressure.

Rudy van Kemenade / Matthew Francis

Rudy van Kemenade - Caerwyn Owen 1-0

Seamus Cunnane - David Ferguson 1-0

Julie van Kemenade - Howard Leah 0.5-0.5

Roger Phillips - Matthew Francis 0-5-0.5

Monday, 4 October 2010

Julie at the Olympiad Part 2 - Report by Rudy

Julie had a slightly less successful second half, yet it very nearly was even better than the first half. She still finished on 50%, equal with the Board no1 Olivia Smith, and just behind the Board no2, Suzie Blackburn, who managed 55%.

A very difficult game with Sara Christina Da Silva Monteiro (1818) of Portugal could have been advantageous if Julie had found the move 10 recommended by two Grandmasters in a Yugoslav encyclopedia. As it was after a complex battle the two Ns and Q were better than her R & Q.

She held Dragana Nikolovska of Macedonia (1752) to a draw in a tricky endgame. Then she held Citlali Duran Juarez (1957) to a draw in a N vs B endgame, also quite complex. Finally she lost to Joy Durno (1866 Scottish rating) in a complex game where she had lost a P built up a winning attack, but went wrong on move 41(just after the time control, and after a longish think) with a move that should have lost instantaneously, yet her opponent didn't find. 3 alternatives at move 41 would have been decisive for Bl.Later yet in a position still drawn, she lost a N by transposing moves.

It just shows how difficult team chess can be. On the same day two 2800 players, the best in the world, Magnus Carlsen of Norway and Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria (both having lost two previous games) went down in 25 and 32 moves respectively after misjudging tactics.

Had Julie won then the match against Scotland would have been a win, not a loss. Her opponent, though Fide unrated achieved a WFM title for the tournament. Unfortunately both the women's and the Open team finished below what their initial ranking indicated.

Further commentary available on the WCU website.

Joy Durno - Julie Van Kemenade - 1-0

Rudy van Kemenade

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Julie at the Olympiad - Report by Rudy

Julie is currently playing in the Welsh Women's Team in the Olympiad, being held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Siberia; some 2,500 km east of Moscow. The weather is good, sometimes better than in Aberystwyth.

After the first week(Sunday is a rest day) both she and the team are doing well. Julie has 3 out of 4, wins against Reyna Frijde of Surinam, Graca Tivane of Mozambique, and Jo-Yu Liao of Chinese Taipei; with a loss against Rajah Nuimat of Jordan. Although all unrated Fide they are all young improving players.

The Team is lying in 55th position (initial ranking of 70 ) ahead of England at 68(39), Scotland 81(68) and Ireland 111(108)!

Julie's game from rd5 shows how tense chess battles can be. (The rate of play has half a minute added on for each move, with a time control at move 40.)

Further links and comments may be found by looking at the WCU website.

Liao Jo-Yu - Julie Van Kemenade - 0-1

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Forthcoming Matches - Revised

The list of matches has had to be revised, with most A team matches now taking place on Wednesday instead of Monday as previously arranged.

11 Oct. Cardigan B vs Aberystwyth A
18 Oct. Aberystwyth B vs Cardigan A
26 Oct. Aberystwyth A vs Aberystwyth B
1 Nov. Aberystwyth B vs Haverfordwest
17 Nov. Cardigan A vs Aberystwyth A
22 Nov. Carmarthen vs Aberystwyth B
1 Dec. Aberystwyth A vs Haverfordwest
6 Dec. Aberystwyth B vs
14 Dec. Aberystywth A vs Aberystwyth B
12 Jan. Carmarthen vs Aberystwyth A
17 Jan. Cardigan B vs Aberystwyth B
26 Jan. Aberystwyth A vs Cardigan B
2 Feb. Aberystwyth A vs
7 Feb. Cardigan A vs Aberystwyth B
14 Feb. Haverfordwest vs Aberystwyth B
23 Feb. Aberystwyth A vs Cardigan A
28 Feb. Aberystwyth B vs Carmarthen
16 Mar. Aberystwyth A vs Carmarthen
21 Mar. Haverfordwest vs Aberystwyth A
28 Mar vs Aberystwyth B
4 Apr. Aberystwyth B vs Cardigan B
20 Apr. vs Aberystwyth A

All matches will be played at the Emlyn Cafe, Tanygroes, except the matches between the Aberystwyth A and B teams, which will be played on Tuesdays at the St David's Club. Matches start at 7.30 pm.

Monday, 27 September 2010

AGM Minutes

Aberystwyth Town Chess Club

Minutes of the 64th Annual General Meeting

7th September 2010.

Present, G Gwilliams {Chair}, A Geraghty {Secretary-Treasurer}, M Francis { Blog Master}, R Van Kemenade, J Basterfield, C Lewis

1.Apologies for absence. Julie Van Kemenade, Ian Finlay.
2.Minutes of the previous AGM accepted.
3.Matters arising.
Matthew Francis was pressed into service once again to submit club reports to the Cambrian News. The Chairman thanked Matthew for the fine work on the 'Blog'.
4.Secretary/Treasurers report. Tony Geraghty reported that the club had a good year. The Club Championship had been run as a weekend tournament and would continue to do so. Rudy was congratulated on winning the tournament. Attendance on club nights has been down compared with the previous year, as a consequence club nights were suspended during July - August. Financially the club was in good order. The rent was paid up to December but the club was now without any funds . The treasurer proposed that the club members when playing matches should each pay the driver £1.50. The motion was passed. The secretary also reminded members that WCU fees of £10.00 and Dyfed Chess League £4.00 are now due. The treasurer was asked to keep members informed if the club could not meet its financial obligations.
Members agreed we must do more to attract new members. Posters are available from the secretary.
Rudy Van Kemenade proposed the club enter two teams in the Dyfed league; matches to be played on a Monday.
Ian Finlay was elected 'B team' captain.
6.Match Captains’ report. Rudy Van Kemenade stated that the club had completed all their games in the Dyfed League and finished in 2nd position. Results had been very good and we only lost to Cardigan by a narrow margin. Rudy maintained a rotating system which had given all members an opportunity to play. He congratulated the lower graded players on winning the Iolo Jones Cup.
7.Subscriptions for the coming year are maintained at the present rate.
Election of Officers. [Currently these include: Chair, Secretary/ Treasurer, Team Captain.]

Gordan Gwilliams after many years in the 'chair' stepped down. The secretary took the opportunity to thank Gordon for his contribution to the club and indeed hoped to see him playing in the newly formed 'B team'. Gordon's last duty in the chair was to propose Matthew Francis as his successor.
1. Chair - Matthew Francis
2. Secretary/Treasurer - A Geraghty
3. Team Captains - Rudy Van Kemenade, Ian Finlay.
4. Blog Master - M Francis

Sunday, 5 September 2010

New Season (again)

This blog must have been going for a year, because here I am announcing another new season. We resume after the summer break on Tuesday 7 September, when we will hold the AGM. I'd also like to mention a new tournament, the South Wales Autumn Congress, to be held at Penarth next weekend (10-12 September) - see the Welsh Chess Union site for details. I've decided to play this one, having been starved of competitive chess for six months. Not sure if there will be any other Aber players there.

Monday, 2 August 2010

British Championship (continued)

Rudy has sent us a new report as follows:

It's been a series of quite tough games in the British , especially as all opponents have been higher FIDE grades and most of them Juniors as well,still improving. Still, with 1 point out of 6, I'm not completely on the bottom of the table. Openings have been fine with the exception of a quick disaster in Rd 6 against fellow Welsh competitor David Jameson (2047) where rather than lose a piece I let the mate occur on move 17.
My Rd 1 opponent Brandon Clarke is the new British u16 champion.
I struck lucky in Rd2 against Andrew Mayhew (2085) when a well placed N on e5 won the exchange.
Rd3 I played George Salimbeni (2164) got a complex game which I might have saved for a draw if I found the way to temporarily go a R down(Rybka actually found a lovely move that would have given me the advantage.)
Since I lost the previous game I got to play an even stronger Junior in Rd 4,Felix Ynojosa Aponte (2224). Got him out of his normal lines, but missed a tactic, and the K side attack never got going.
In Rd 5 my first Senior, Gary Senior (2089). Got a good opening, but in a calculation mishap,tried to turn a B into a P and use a R twice, once as a sacrifice, and then to follow up winning another piece! So just the exchange down.

Meanwhile in the 5 day Open Am, Mark Talbot performed well, winning against Ian Matthew (145),Patrick Ribbands (151) and Reinhardt Schmerwitz (152), though losing to two of the joint winners Yan-Fan Zhou (225) and Christopher Howell (184).

Rudy van Kemenade

Andrew Mayhew - Rudy Van Kemenade 0-1

Rudy Van Kemenade - George Salimbeni 0-1

David Jameson - Rudy Van Kemenade 1-0

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

British Chess Championship

Rudy sends the following report from the British Chess Championship:

It's a very pleasant venue at Kent University, surrounded by woodland with Canterbury below in the distance.

The top player, Michael Adams , won quickly in 21 moves with black. Upsets were Jack Rudd beating the no 8 seed Keith Arkell, with the no 3 Steven Gordon being held to a draw. All 3 Welsh players faced higher graded opposition. Rudy van Kemenade gambitted a b pawn but soon lost a couple more and despite getting play with opposite colour B's and R, one of the pawns got through. David Jameson against a Scandinavian also offered his b pawn ,but this was declined and after some adroit manoeuvers in the centre the R and opposite colour B ensured a draw. Allan Pleasants defended with a two nights tango and survived to draw against his youthful opponents patient probing for a breakthrough in a R and P ending.

The game between Arkell and Rudd was decided when Rudd played e4 attacking the Wh Q on f3. Instead of the intended Qb3 followed by K move to dodge a K side advance, the GM moved his K first. It happens to us all.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Rudy and Julie Representing Wales

Not all of us are taking the summer off chess. Personally, I quite fancied playing the Hereford Congress over August Bank Holiday weekend but it's unfortunately been cancelled. On a more rarefied level, both Rudy and Julie van Kemenade will be representing Wales in the near future, Rudy in the British Championship, beginning on 26 July, and Julie in the Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansysk, Siberia (pictured), in September. Good luck to both.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Summer Break

Aberystwyth Chess Club is taking a summer break. There will be no meetings in July and August, and our next meeting will be on Tuesday 7th September, when we will hold our AGM. Meanwhile, in other news, we have won the Iolo Jones trophy for the most points won in this season's Dyfed League by players under 1700. Nice to win something, anyway! See you next season.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Cardigan Wins

Our crunch match against Cardigan A in the Dyfed League ended in a hard-fought win for Cardigan A, who therefore clinched the League once again. At least the score was the iconic one of 2.5 - 1.5. Congratulations to Cardigan A, and also to Mark Talbot, who got an excellent consolation win against Iolo Jones.

Howard Williams - Rudy Van Kemenade 1-0

Mark Talbot - Iolo Jones 1-0

Tony Haigh - Matthew Francis 1-0

Julie Van Kemenade - Caerwyn Owen 0-5-0.5

Monday, 19 April 2010

Dyfed League Climax

Our match against Cardigan A in the Dyfed League this Wednesday will be the climax of an exciting season. Both teams are on 15 points and this will be the last match of the season for both of us. Cardigan are undefeated, whereas Aber have one defeat but fewer draws; Cardigan, however, are ahead on game points. In previous seasons, Cardigan have looked pretty much invincible, so this is a big improvement for Aber in any event, but it would be great to win it.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Miscellaneous results

Congratulations to Rudy, who finished an excellent 4th in the Welsh Championship with 4.5/7. Julie scored 2.5/7 in the Major / Open section. Here is one of Rudy's games from the tournament:

E. Michael White - Rudy Van Kemenade 0-1

In the Dyfed League, Aberystwyth beat 3-1. Results below, but at present I only have the game on top board (19/4/10 - I now have the game on second board as well): vs Aberystwyth 31/3/10 1 - 3

Ian Finlay - Owen Llywelyn 0-1

Tegwyn Jones - Tony Geraghty 0-1

Emyr Llywelyn - Georgina Gray 0-1

DEFAULT - A.N Other 1-0

In February Rudy was a member of a Welsh Seniors team that played in the European Team Championships and scored 50% on the bottom board. As part of the event there was a 13 round 5 min a game tournament, where the following game was played against an IM (who forgot a little of his theory!):

Klaus Klundt - Rudy Van Kemenade 0-1

However in round 4 Rudy came up against Evgeny Vasiukov, a GM, even so the GM only mated with 37 seconds left against Rudy's one and a half minutes. Rudy finished above the halfway mark, although the 3rd weakest in this competition. (It should be pointed out that Rudy is at an unfair advantage in blitz, since he plays at that speed all the time.)

Finally, the club had an impromptu visit recently by three talented juniors from Bridgend, Damon, Lauren and Thomas Davies. The result was a sort of friendly Youth vs Age match in which Ian, Tony and I took them on over several exciting games. Honours were about even, I'd say, and it was a fun evening. We hope any other players who are passing through Aber will think about dropping in - all levels welcome, and there is no fee for a first visit.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

3 - 1

We seem to have exhausted all the possible variations on 2.5 - 1.5 and our victory against Cardigan B last night was by the nice round score of 3 -1, with wins for Rudy and David and hard-fought draws for Julie and me.

Cardigan B vs Aberystwyth 17/3/10 1 - 3

Rudy Van Kemenade - Caerwyn Owen 1-0

Howard Leah - Julie Van Kemenade 0.5-0.5

Matthew Francis - Awne Osinga 0.5-0.5

Roland Spencer - David Ferguson 0-1

Friday, 12 March 2010

1.5 - 2.5 (Shock!)

So we have lost our unbeaten record in the Dyfed League, but at least we managed our usual score, only the wrong way round. The winners were Carmarthen, courtesy of wins on the top two boards. Huw Morcom's win over Rudy was a fine piece of counterattacking play. On the positive side, David Ferguson has become a valuable specialist player - he only ever seems to play Paul Orton, and wins every time. Results as follows:

Aberystwyth vs Carmarthen 10/3/10 1.5 - 2.5

Gerry Heap - Mark Talbot 1-0

Rudy Van Kemenade - Huw Morcom 0-1

David Buttell - Julie Van Kemenade 0.5-0.5

David Ferguson - Paul Orton 1-0

Meanwhile, Aber was well represented at the Dyfed Congress on 26th-28th February. In the Minor section. Georgina Gray and Ian Finlay both finished on 3/5, a particularly good result for Georgina, whose rating went up nearly 40 points. I had a bye in the first round, and went on to score a just-acceptable 2.5/4 in the first Major section I have ever played in which all my opponents were lower-rated. In the Open, Rudy scored 3/5 and Julie scored 1/5 against strong opposition, improving her rating by one point. Games from the Open can be found on Paul Orton's site.

Monday, 8 February 2010

2.5 - 1.5 (eventually)

Our latest match, against Haverfordwest, has produced our usual result, but by a rather roundabout route. The game on top board between Ian Finlay and Jan Sendall had to go to arbitration after it could not be agreed by those present whether Ian's flag had fallen before or after he had reached the time control. The players played on (amicably, it should be said) and Jan resigned, but after consultation the game has been agreed drawn. So the match card looks like this:

Haverfordwest vs Aberystwyth 27/1/10 1.5 - 2.5

Ian Finlay - Jan Sendall 0.5-0.5

Colin Denham - John Basterfield 1-0

Tony Geraghty - Robbie Coles 1-0

John Florence - Georgina Gray 0-1