Monday, 26 April 2010

Cardigan Wins

Our crunch match against Cardigan A in the Dyfed League ended in a hard-fought win for Cardigan A, who therefore clinched the League once again. At least the score was the iconic one of 2.5 - 1.5. Congratulations to Cardigan A, and also to Mark Talbot, who got an excellent consolation win against Iolo Jones.

Howard Williams - Rudy Van Kemenade 1-0

Mark Talbot - Iolo Jones 1-0

Tony Haigh - Matthew Francis 1-0

Julie Van Kemenade - Caerwyn Owen 0-5-0.5

Monday, 19 April 2010

Dyfed League Climax

Our match against Cardigan A in the Dyfed League this Wednesday will be the climax of an exciting season. Both teams are on 15 points and this will be the last match of the season for both of us. Cardigan are undefeated, whereas Aber have one defeat but fewer draws; Cardigan, however, are ahead on game points. In previous seasons, Cardigan have looked pretty much invincible, so this is a big improvement for Aber in any event, but it would be great to win it.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Miscellaneous results

Congratulations to Rudy, who finished an excellent 4th in the Welsh Championship with 4.5/7. Julie scored 2.5/7 in the Major / Open section. Here is one of Rudy's games from the tournament:

E. Michael White - Rudy Van Kemenade 0-1

In the Dyfed League, Aberystwyth beat 3-1. Results below, but at present I only have the game on top board (19/4/10 - I now have the game on second board as well): vs Aberystwyth 31/3/10 1 - 3

Ian Finlay - Owen Llywelyn 0-1

Tegwyn Jones - Tony Geraghty 0-1

Emyr Llywelyn - Georgina Gray 0-1

DEFAULT - A.N Other 1-0

In February Rudy was a member of a Welsh Seniors team that played in the European Team Championships and scored 50% on the bottom board. As part of the event there was a 13 round 5 min a game tournament, where the following game was played against an IM (who forgot a little of his theory!):

Klaus Klundt - Rudy Van Kemenade 0-1

However in round 4 Rudy came up against Evgeny Vasiukov, a GM, even so the GM only mated with 37 seconds left against Rudy's one and a half minutes. Rudy finished above the halfway mark, although the 3rd weakest in this competition. (It should be pointed out that Rudy is at an unfair advantage in blitz, since he plays at that speed all the time.)

Finally, the club had an impromptu visit recently by three talented juniors from Bridgend, Damon, Lauren and Thomas Davies. The result was a sort of friendly Youth vs Age match in which Ian, Tony and I took them on over several exciting games. Honours were about even, I'd say, and it was a fun evening. We hope any other players who are passing through Aber will think about dropping in - all levels welcome, and there is no fee for a first visit.