Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A = B

The B team is still looking for its first win, despite some creditable results this season. This week was a milestone, however, as they achieved their first draw - though there were mixed feelings as the team to concede it were Aberystwyth A. On Board 1 for the B team, I tried a Tarrasch Defence for the first time against Rudy van Kemenade, and was too diffident in my approach. Later analysis showed I could have reached a good middlegame position, but a wrong decision left me hopelessly hemmed in, with mate to follow shortly. B team captain Ian Finlay, just back from the dentist and not feeling his best, lost a piece to a neat tactic by David Ferguson, but continued to press until, with options running out, he dropped a rook and resigned immediately. The A team's Julie van Kemenade gambited a pawn against John Basterfield's French Defence, but was on unfamiliar ground when he not only declined but gave up a pawn of his own. He obtained persistent pressure for it and soon scored an excellent win against a much higher-rated opponent. In the absence of the club's highest-rated player, Mark Talbot, Georgina Gray substituted on Board 4 for the A team. Tony Geraghty trapped her knight but had to negotiate some nasty complications before Georgina left a mate threat undefended. A good result for the B team who feel a little bit closer to that first win.

Rudy van Kemenade - Matthew Francis 1-0

Ian Finlay - David Ferguson 0-1

Julie van Kemenade - John Basterfield 0-1

Tony Geraghty - Georgina Gray 1-0