Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Julie at the Olympiad - Report by Rudy

Julie is currently playing in the Welsh Women's Team in the Olympiad, being held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Siberia; some 2,500 km east of Moscow. The weather is good, sometimes better than in Aberystwyth.

After the first week(Sunday is a rest day) both she and the team are doing well. Julie has 3 out of 4, wins against Reyna Frijde of Surinam, Graca Tivane of Mozambique, and Jo-Yu Liao of Chinese Taipei; with a loss against Rajah Nuimat of Jordan. Although all unrated Fide they are all young improving players.

The Team is lying in 55th position (initial ranking of 70 ) ahead of England at 68(39), Scotland 81(68) and Ireland 111(108)!

Julie's game from rd5 shows how tense chess battles can be. (The rate of play has half a minute added on for each move, with a time control at move 40.)

Further links and comments may be found by looking at the WCU website.

Liao Jo-Yu - Julie Van Kemenade - 0-1

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Forthcoming Matches - Revised

The list of matches has had to be revised, with most A team matches now taking place on Wednesday instead of Monday as previously arranged.

11 Oct. Cardigan B vs Aberystwyth A
18 Oct. Aberystwyth B vs Cardigan A
26 Oct. Aberystwyth A vs Aberystwyth B
1 Nov. Aberystwyth B vs Haverfordwest
17 Nov. Cardigan A vs Aberystwyth A
22 Nov. Carmarthen vs Aberystwyth B
1 Dec. Aberystwyth A vs Haverfordwest
6 Dec. Aberystwyth B vs
14 Dec. Aberystywth A vs Aberystwyth B
12 Jan. Carmarthen vs Aberystwyth A
17 Jan. Cardigan B vs Aberystwyth B
26 Jan. Aberystwyth A vs Cardigan B
2 Feb. Aberystwyth A vs
7 Feb. Cardigan A vs Aberystwyth B
14 Feb. Haverfordwest vs Aberystwyth B
23 Feb. Aberystwyth A vs Cardigan A
28 Feb. Aberystwyth B vs Carmarthen
16 Mar. Aberystwyth A vs Carmarthen
21 Mar. Haverfordwest vs Aberystwyth A
28 Mar vs Aberystwyth B
4 Apr. Aberystwyth B vs Cardigan B
20 Apr. vs Aberystwyth A

All matches will be played at the Emlyn Cafe, Tanygroes, except the matches between the Aberystwyth A and B teams, which will be played on Tuesdays at the St David's Club. Matches start at 7.30 pm.

Monday, 27 September 2010

AGM Minutes

Aberystwyth Town Chess Club

Minutes of the 64th Annual General Meeting

7th September 2010.

Present, G Gwilliams {Chair}, A Geraghty {Secretary-Treasurer}, M Francis { Blog Master}, R Van Kemenade, J Basterfield, C Lewis

1.Apologies for absence. Julie Van Kemenade, Ian Finlay.
2.Minutes of the previous AGM accepted.
3.Matters arising.
Matthew Francis was pressed into service once again to submit club reports to the Cambrian News. The Chairman thanked Matthew for the fine work on the 'Blog'.
4.Secretary/Treasurers report. Tony Geraghty reported that the club had a good year. The Club Championship had been run as a weekend tournament and would continue to do so. Rudy was congratulated on winning the tournament. Attendance on club nights has been down compared with the previous year, as a consequence club nights were suspended during July - August. Financially the club was in good order. The rent was paid up to December but the club was now without any funds . The treasurer proposed that the club members when playing matches should each pay the driver £1.50. The motion was passed. The secretary also reminded members that WCU fees of £10.00 and Dyfed Chess League £4.00 are now due. The treasurer was asked to keep members informed if the club could not meet its financial obligations.
Members agreed we must do more to attract new members. Posters are available from the secretary.
Rudy Van Kemenade proposed the club enter two teams in the Dyfed league; matches to be played on a Monday.
Ian Finlay was elected 'B team' captain.
6.Match Captains’ report. Rudy Van Kemenade stated that the club had completed all their games in the Dyfed League and finished in 2nd position. Results had been very good and we only lost to Cardigan by a narrow margin. Rudy maintained a rotating system which had given all members an opportunity to play. He congratulated the lower graded players on winning the Iolo Jones Cup.
7.Subscriptions for the coming year are maintained at the present rate.
Election of Officers. [Currently these include: Chair, Secretary/ Treasurer, Team Captain.]

Gordan Gwilliams after many years in the 'chair' stepped down. The secretary took the opportunity to thank Gordon for his contribution to the club and indeed hoped to see him playing in the newly formed 'B team'. Gordon's last duty in the chair was to propose Matthew Francis as his successor.
1. Chair - Matthew Francis
2. Secretary/Treasurer - A Geraghty
3. Team Captains - Rudy Van Kemenade, Ian Finlay.
4. Blog Master - M Francis

Sunday, 5 September 2010

New Season (again)

This blog must have been going for a year, because here I am announcing another new season. We resume after the summer break on Tuesday 7 September, when we will hold the AGM. I'd also like to mention a new tournament, the South Wales Autumn Congress, to be held at Penarth next weekend (10-12 September) - see the Welsh Chess Union site for details. I've decided to play this one, having been starved of competitive chess for six months. Not sure if there will be any other Aber players there.