Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Hungarian Fried Liver

Aberystwyth B played a depleted Carmarthen side at the Emlyn Cafe, Tanygroes on Monday 14th March, and secured a good result. On top board, Julie van Kemenade looked for complications against Gerry Heap, and only got herself into difficulties - it's well known that the best approach against Gerry is to try to bore him to death, but that isn't Julie's natural game. Tony Geraghty got a good active position against Richard Thomas's Queen's Pawn Game, winning the exchange and retaining control until White shortened the game with a blunder. Sam Holman played vigorously against the higher-rated Robert Narayan-Taylor's Hungarian Defence, using a version of the Fried Liver Attack that was even more effective than the original recipe to secure a quick win.With the default on Board 4, the match finished 3-1 to Aberystwyth.

Julie van Kemenade - Gerry Heap 0-1

Richard Thomas - Tony Geraghty 0-1

Sam Holman - Robert Narayan-Taylor 1-0

Two more games from the Club Championship:

Rudy van Kemenade - Ian Finlay 1-0

Sam Holman - Joel Greenwood ½-½

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